The Magic of Magis

In the world of design it is often considered uncouth to tout your own success. But from the founding in 1976, Magis has been unafraid to boast of its immensely successful incorporation of “leading edge technology into mass production,” and in doing so creating a design language and esthetic all its own. Working with inspired designers unafraid to push the envelope of creating designs that are as much an experiment in fabrication as in form, the Italian company has become one of the world’s leaders in defining what’s next. Their recent partnership with Herman Miller (discussed here) in North America makes perfect sense – as Eames, Nelson and their peers wanted to make great design available for the masses, so too is the case with designers such as the Bouroullec brothers, Naoto Fukasawa and the many others who have designed specifically for Magis and their unique access to new and cutting edge fabrication techniques. Lasting, thoughtful and unique, Magis is a favourite for both home and commercial use. We’re happy to offer the entire Magis line, and if you’re so inclined, come down to the showroom to check out 3 of their most recognized pieces including the Chair One pictured above.

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