Coordinates Suspension Pendant Light

Michael Anastassiades for Flos - 2020

Coordinates is a lighting system designed by British designer Michael Anastassiades consisting of horizontal and vertical strip lights that form illuminated grid-like structures of various complexities. Choose from a collection of standard chandeliers of pared-down configurations to suit any setting. Coordinates evolved from a commission for the historic Four Seasons restaurant in New York City in 2018. Choose from four configurations.

From $3073


Extruded aluminum, platinic silicone extruded opal. Champagne finish. S1 light source: LED STRIP 61W 3240lm 2700K CRI 95. S2 Light source: STRIP LED 32W 2960lm 2700K CRI95. S3 Light Source: STRIP LED 71W 3850lm 2700K CRI95. S4 Light Source: STRIP LED 161W 8830lm 2700K CRI95. 98.43 " Black Cord.


S1: 30.78" W x 30.78" H; S2: 69.37" W x 36.29" H; S3: 30.78" W x 30.78" H; S4: 69.37" W x 36.29" H